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22 December 2014 @ 11:38 pm
So since Amy, for some inexplicable reason given that she has lots of writing and cat-cuddling to do, asked for LJ updates on what everyone was up to and so, by extension, must be wanting to know what boring things I'm up to, here we are, Ames. I last updated about two years ago, but I can't remember back that far, so I'm just going to concentrate on the now.

My life at the moment is mostly All About Work. We work to some consultancy's idea of international inter-company gradings where grade 7 is basically, 'has a degree but little experience - is given a series of tasks to do to achieve an objective', grade 8 is, 'given an objective and is supervised along the way', grade 9 is, 'given an objective, left to it' and grade 10 is, 'see you at your end of year review kthanksbye'. Then below those you have apprentices, fitters, etc and above that you're into middle management or technical specialism.

I got promoted to grade 9 in December 2012 and then The Awesome Boss turned up in May 2013. Prior to The Awesome Boss (TAB) I had the total opposite of an awesome boss who gave me no support whatsoever and was not interested in anything I, or anyone else, did, just as long as he was taking credit for it. The only support I was getting was from Fay and Winfried, who were my functional bosses rather than my project bosses. Think of people working on a train. Functionally, you would have train drivers, train managers, ticket inspectors etc. The project grouping would be everyone working the 10.12 to Edinburgh.

Anyway, this guy eventually fucks off to a new job and TAB turns up. TAB is, as the name suggests, awesome. He's only my age but he's a freakin' senior manager due to extreme capability and excessive overwork. He lets me be me (I get to tease him constantly and he sent me home the day Moppett had to be put down). I'm one of those people who works better when they've got someone good to work for. You want to help them. It's motivational. So between that and me suddenly having a boss who cared about what I did and what good it could do for the project, and so actually started making use of what I produced, and the fact that he kept on pushing me to do more and do better, my productivity shot through the roof and before I knew it, I was doing 50 hours every week (I'm contracted to 38 and no I don't get overtime) and I've made real, tangible, wide-reaching contributions and changes that have really helped to get the project back on track from a shaky position. We've got a lot left to do and it's hard medicine, but ultimately it's all good. And I've got a lot out of it because my development has just shot along. I've been rated as a high performer two years in a row, had two performance-related pay rises, had the head of another department try to steal me, and am due to go for another promotion early next year. That'll put me at grade 10 after 8 years in the company, which is faster than usual. A lot of people never make grade 10 at all. And I've been asked to take on some specialist work (though technically I should be at grade 11 for that) and sort the team out because we're suffering from having been under resourced and under supported for years. I need to figure out how we're going to manage ourselves and make sure our newish girl gets the support she needs because she isn't at the moment because she's down on another project with little adequate direction. So I hope I'm not sounding full of myself, I don't mean to brag, it's just that work is going well for me and I'm mostly happy about it. I'm just a bit unsure about the future as it's time for me to move and the company can't really give me the chances I want and I don't want to JUST work my entire life (50 hours a week may not sound a lot but it really takes up a lot of your time) and yeah I haven't figured out my next steps yet. But I will. Whatever I do, the last year has been worth it.

Edd has been gone most of this year as he got ill in Spring and had to go back to his parents'. He returned a couple of weeks ago. Had forgotten my birthday in his hibernation so returned with three huge bars of Galaxy and a card reading, 'A hello for you wrapped up in hugs and sent with love', except he'd crossed out hugs and love because hey, that's Edd for you. When he's around then we spend what constitutes a lot of time together, for two very busy people. We go out for dinner, go out to the cinema, get take away and a dvd. Last week I somehow ended up trailing around after him as he went on an epic search for a very specifically sized pedal bin. It's nice. Mainly. Not sure about the bin hunt. But I need my friends because they've gone away a bit lately. Helen and Dave moved to the next town over and prioritise their families and friends from their homes up North. That's fine, and admirable, but means I don't get to see them for months at a time because every weekend they're back up the motorway. Vicky and Pete split up after a grand total of 14 months of marriage (with cracks showing after 3; really, no-one was surprised) so Pete's off elsewhere now. Vicky has been difficult. I haven't seen her much this year because of work and she's taken it as a personal insult. Vicky, unfortunately, has Issues regarding abandonment by friends and so she's always testing people. You are her friend, therefore you will drive her places and cancel plans for her and bring her cake, right? I'm just really sick of it. So that friendship is faltering and I'm not sure that's not a good thing. Jack moved in with his boyfriend in the same town as Helen and Dave and hasn't been seen or heard from in months because they're setting up a business and working really hard it (plus I hear his bf is pretty controlling and is basically getting Jack to forsake his old friends in favour of the bf's ones instead, which is exactly what Becky did to Chris after they married and we barely see him now). Chris is still great, I still love him to bits, but I don't see him that much. When I do though, it's good; better than it's been in years. He seems much more comfortable around me now and had me sitting on the sofa with him watching gaming YouTube videos the other day in the pub. I'm more into Ruth and Simon's social circle these days. I know Ruth from my writing group but she and her husband Simon are also both from my company and so a lot of their friends are too. So it's a natural circle to fall into because I keep running into people at parties that I know of from work. So Ruth introduced me to Satish who unfortunately is leaving Derby in March but is one of these people with boundless energy up for anything and throws the most legendary parties. So I got invited to his birthday party a few weeks ago, it was amazing (that was the one with the gun-point robbery at the corner shop and the 5.30am finish). We're doing the Blacklight Run in February which is basically a fun run where they throw powder at you that glows under blacklight and then you have a blacklight party at the end. Then there's Tamsin who's a fellow Richard Armitage appreciator and the warmest person you will ever meet.

I saw Richard Armitage live in The Crucible in August and he was frickin' amazing. Unfortunately I didn't know Tamsin was a fellow fan then so we missed her coming along to that one. But zomg he is so tall and such a good actor and hello, shirtless in act 2 thank you canny director.

I saw Perfume in November THAT WAS MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD. They performed Game, which is an epic track, and it was a really polished performance of it. Has this kick ass routine using light saber type things but as it's from their earlier days a lot of the performances were a bit, well let's say, less practised. They're really accomplished dancers now and those sabers were ON POINT. SO happy to be there for that one. And Party Maker live omg what a fantastic beat for a concert hall to rock out to together. I went with Holly, who I met at the previous concert. We booked into the same hotel, met up, queued together, went to the pub afterwards. I also spent the day with a load of other fans from Facebook, met some great people including Slavka, Ricardo and Sylvain, who I'll definitely be meeting up with next time. Did you know there're no Burger Kings in France outside of Paris? Well apparently not because I had to take this group of French Perfume fans to Burger King because they were desperate for the taste. Don't ask me why. But that was cool. Me plus a bunch of French guys plus Ricardo (Portuguese, lives in France) trooping through Hammersmith with Sylvain and Ricardo translating since my French isn't up to much. Oh and I think one of them was Greek. But spoke French. Idon'tknow.

I did the zombie apocalypse, as you know. Will definitely be doing that again next year. Was on the team with a chick called Kyte who was apparently a pro BMX-er some years ago? Lovely girl. Anyone want in this year?

Saw The Pet Shop Boys in June - briiiilllll. By chance one of the guys I work with was at the same concert. Ran into him there and you can pick me out of the standing crowd on a couple of his photos looking down from the seating.

Going to see Cats in February. I hope I adore it. I adored it as a child but now I'm worried my adult eyes will see it as a bit cheesy. No. No I will not. I will still adore it. It's brilliant. Thankfully Nicole Scherzinger has finished her stint by the time I go. Who the fuck thought to cast her as Grizabella? I SAW ELAINE PAGE PERFORM THAT ROLE. YOU CANNOT FOLLOW HER WITH A FREAKING PUSSY CAT DOLL.

I'm back in touch with Emma and Pete. You may recall Pete was the uni friend who, after ten years, just cut me off for no reason. Just as abruptly he started speaking to me again this June. So the three of us have had a couple of meets this year and will do more next year and Pete and I are all over each other's FB messenger as much as we ever used to be. I swore I'd never forgive him but eh, life's probably too short.

Not really writing anymore. Dabbling in art instead. Have a Wreck This Journal (two actually - also got the portable version which I'm saving for holidays and trips as the instructions in it are biased to being out and about in the world) and am enjoying it immensely. Think I will upload the remainder of my fics that never made it onto Fanfiction.net though, just for completeness.

House coming along slowly but surely. Painting doors and doorframes and skirting boards. Need to get the garden landscaped and the drive repaved in the new year, but only once I've convinced myself it'll be worth it and I won't be selling up to move to a new job somewhere out of town. I don't know yet. But the internal decorating I will definitely keep up with because it's mostly just painting. Want the stairwell redecorating and all new carpets and a new bathroom but that will all make the house easier to sell if I do go. Did I ever give you guys the tour?

That's probably it.

Miss Moppett very much.
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10 April 2012 @ 05:46 pm
"Follow the Titanic on its journey through its official Twitter account"?!


Setting sail now.  Yayyyyy we are unsinkable. #untouchablebitches

Iceberg right ahead.  #fml
05 February 2012 @ 09:12 pm

Got my burger (gotta have at least one American thing on the menu), got my Pringles, got my salad, got my pineapple chunks, got my cocktail sausages, got my Sourz and orange juice. 


And I have a perpetually blocked pore that's annoying me.
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24 January 2012 @ 07:29 pm
I am listening to KAT-TUN's new song.

It rocks.
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03 December 2011 @ 08:54 pm
For anyone who's not regular on Facebook -

I've been away for the last couple of weeks or so - was going to put a note here before I went but didn't have time - so I've not been ignoring anyone, just not been here.
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19 November 2011 @ 09:04 pm
What is this I don't even

I feel sorry for the people involved but I LOVE THIS.

Thanks, Ray William Johnson.

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12 November 2011 @ 10:41 pm
Music meme stolen from silvertongue1 without the img intro because I can't be bothered to get the image and paste it and whatever.  First 20 songs on my random play.  Done from WMP because a) I don't own an iPod and b) I am not getting up and getting my Creative out, that is too much work.

Alcorus - Shine (the faked theme tune from Mirror's Edge that fooled many an eager soundtracker before the real theme was released)
Attitude - Hardknox (OH HELL YEAH)
Theme from season 1 of Big Wolf on Campus (XD)
The guitar solo cut from Laura's Theme (Silent Hill 2) only available on one of the trailers

Halcyon And On And On - (BOOYAH)
Nymphetamine - Cradle of Filth
Billy's Hat - Young Guns soundtrack
I Love Lake Tahoe - A (Yeah, the trees they're pretty wide, That's where Sonny Bono died)
Kiri - Monoral (theme from Ergo Proxy)

ORT - Mary McGlynn
Half Pain - Bana (end theme from Witch Hunter Robin)
Pretty Handsome Awkward - The Used
Say Anything - Good Charlotte (yeugh)

She Loves Me Not - Papa Roach
Where Is My Mind? - Emily Browning (Sucker Punch version)
Imagination - Harry
Santa Monica - Theory Of A Deadman
Love Love Shine - Riyu Kosaka

What, no Ayumi?!
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06 November 2011 @ 12:52 pm
Stolen from teh filthy_bunny

Six names you go by

Six?!  Ffs...
Jenn - pretty much EVERYONE calls me this. 
Jenny - certain members of my family are too dense to get that I dropped the y over fifteen years ago and DO NOT LIKE IT
Acid - yay!
Jennifer - when I'm answering the phone - it's clearer for strangers for hear and of course things like bills and stuff are done under my full name
Gothic Zebra - one of my handles
Blaze Fielding - is my alter ego, enacted when I require anonymity.

Three things you are wearing right now
White top
Black fleece
Green cargos

Three things you want very badly at the moment
More time
For my holiday plans to sort themselves

Three people whom you hope will do the meme
Jordeh, Nik, Aurelin, 'cause we don't hear from these guys enough

Three things you did last night
Saw the fireworks display at Markeaton Park, celebrating Guy Fawkes Night and remembering Guy and the other plotters
Ate and drank at TGI Friday's
Nearly completed Magic Land Dizzy, first played in 1991 and still never finished, fucking bastard evil game.

Three people you last talked on the phone
The lady from Boots Opticians who said my new glasses had been delayed
The waitress at TGI's who answered when I called about a reservation
Fay who was working at home and called about work

Three things you are going to do tomorrow
Go to Scribes
Play pool
Go to work

Four of your favourite drinks
Green tea
Vodka cocktails
Orange juice

Three things that made you smile today
I haven't been up all that long...
The fact that, with Gary back in Spain for the moment, my house is clean and will REMAIN clean until next weekend
Looking at Star Trek Scene It that Vicky bought me for my birthday and we played on Friday night at my party
Morning Musume's Love Machine video, which is still horrifically comically awful
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06 November 2011 @ 12:28 am
Song sharing time!

My friend Vicky introduced me to this one. It's pretty to listen to and I can relate to it.

Eet is my birthday today it's 12.26am, it was my birthday yesterday. I am 29. Thank you again to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. :) I've had an epic party, fireworks, TGI Friday's and friend seeage.
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16 October 2011 @ 02:20 pm
Stop what you're doing.

Don't leave this til later, don't skip this, just click play.

Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility should you end up in therapy as a result of this video.
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